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    Russ & Pat Widmer


    We resided in Minnesota before settling in South Carolina. We raised 4 sons and 1 daughter and are proud grandparents of 12 grandchildren. We live in a town home with a rat terrier that rules and are only a mile from the ocean which we walk and enjoy as much as we can. Russ is a avid tennis player, and Pat enjoys sewing, books, and company.

    We have the creative and technical knowledge needed to deal with the effects of the sun, salt and humidity. Since 2002, we have improved kitchens in both residential and commercial areas. We can add cabinets in or out and will work with any type of home – stick built, development, manufactured, mobile, high rise or low. Our durable rigid thermofoil (RTF) materials come in at least 50 different styles and colors with just a wipe off to keep clean and they will not warp. We can organize any kitchen, closet, garage, or storage area with space saving ideas that are an excellent value for your home.

    We are licensed, bonded and insured. We can coordinate your whole remodel, from countertops, plumbing, flooring, and more – even if you are out of state and this is your second home or rental property. We will email to you from start to finish and work with your rental and property management on their schedule of your property.

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