Spring Cleaning Challenge!

April 2020 cleaning challenge

Is Spring Cleaning a yearly ritual in your home? Be honest, we’ve all put it off at least once. But this year, Kitchen Tune-Up is leading the charge to see that everyone’s kitchen gets a spring refresh. With things so uncertain and scary right now, we’ve decided to merge our two greatest passions, kitchens and community, together for a chance to bring some much-needed support and levity to everyone stuck at home out there.

Up for a Spring Cleaning Challenge?

Ready to buckle down and give your kitchen a real organizational facelift? So are we! To keep things fun and organized, we’ve made a Facebook group dedicated to our month-long cleaning event. We’ve come up with a small challenge for each day (and new ideas are welcome, too!) and our Facebook community is raring to go with videos, photos, tips and tricks about how each day can bring a little more spark to your kitchen. If you care to join us, you can post your own activities, ask for tips and advice, or just hang around to see what others are up to!

Pots, pans and tupperware

The kickoff for April 1 was reorganizing pots, pans and tupperware containers. You’d be surprised what such a seemingly small task can do for a kitchen! Future challenges include battling the disaster under the sink, tackling the refrigerator and spicing up the spice rack. Of course we’d love to hear what you’ve been up to even if you decided to take your kitchen cleaning in a different direction. We want everyone to share their ideas, challenges and victories, no matter how small!

The importance of coming together

Together we can motivate one another and celebrate each other’s successes. Cleaning out the kitchen might not seem like fun, but just wait until April’s over and the whole room can really breathe again. Share your kitchen refresh ideas with us and connect with others online. The Facebook group is open, and we’d love to have you stop by!


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