If you like the style of your current cabinet doors but want to change the color, cabinet painting is one of our services that might work for you. (Please note that this service has limited availability and is only offered in some locations.)

What is cabinet painting
Cabinet painting involves removing all of your cabinet doors & drawer boxes.  Then we prep them for painting by cleaning any residue or build-up, and fixing minor defects in the wood. The doors and drawer fronts are professional primed and painted off-site. We will also prep the cabinet boxes and face frames and apply new matching panels or primer and paint in the color of your choice.  We then re-install all of the doors and drawer boxes.  Depending on the type of cabinets you have, in some kitchens the hinges can be updated to a more modern style if requested.  Adding new knobs and handles can also create a more modern look.  When cabinets are painted a new color, the difference is very dramatic.

Is painting the right choice for my cabinets?
If your cabinet boxes are in good, solid condition and you’re happy with the current style of your cabinets and layout of your kitchen, this may be a good option for you. Painting is the most affordable way to change the overall look of your kitchen.  The most common cabinets that homeowners want painted are oak.  Please note that the heavy graining of this wood type can sometimes make it challenging to paint them without any of the grain showing through.

Similar to painting your walls, painted cabinets are prone to nicks, dings, and scratches from every day use.  If you are looking for a solution that will last approximately 2-5 years (depending on the use of your kitchen), this might be the right option for you.  If you are looking for a more durable and long-lasting change in your space, considering our redooring or refacing services. 

Is cabinet painting expensive?
Painting your cabinets is an affordable solution to change your cabinet color, however it is not a long-lasting solution. Is less expensive than redooring and refacing, but redooring and refacing include installation of all new doors & drawer fronts, custom-made to fit your kitchen in a new color and style of your choice.

Is it messy and time consuming?
Our process keeps mess to a minimum on most projects. Cabinet painting typically takes about five days, which means you can update your kitchen in time for an upcoming event.  Cabinet painting is also a popular choice when prepping a home or rental property to place it on the market.  When your cabinets are being painted, the doors and drawer fronts are taken off-site for approximately one week.

Are there other options?
If you are considering refacing your cabinets but that doesn’t fit your budget right now, consider painting your cabinets now if they are good candidates for the service. You can upgrade the cabinet painting service to include the installation of end panels instead of paint on the boxes. Adding end panels will improve the appearance of the sides of the cabinet boxes, and also reduced the time and cost needed for refacing if you have us back in the future. If you decide to reface your cabinets later, we will order and install new cabinet doors, drawer fronts, molding, and veneer to match the existing panels that were installed.



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