How Long Should Kitchen Remodeling Take?

Thinking about a change in your kitchen but not sure where to start or how long it will take? A kitchen remodeling timeframe depends on what you want to change in your space. The project will take longer the more you want to update, but there are solutions to update your kitchen in as little as one to five days that can drastically improve your space. Some questions to consider when you are ready to update your kitchen would be are you happy with your current kitchen layout? Do you like the style and your current doors? How about the color? How good of condition are your cabinet boxes in? Would just changing the hardware make a big enough difference? Are you looking to add an island or adjust the size of your cabinets to accommodate new appliances? Below are five different timelines for kitchen projects that will give you a better understanding of what can be updated in your kitchen and how long it might take.

1 Day

A dramatic kitchen update can take place in as little as one day! A quick “Tune-Up” of your current cabinets is a great way to breathe new life into your space. A Tune-Up process would restore your wood cabinets and remove the years of built-up grime and grease, remove scratches and gouges, and could take your cabinets from looking 30 years old to brand new. Once your cabinets are good as new, another quick change would be to swap out your current hardware with new hardware. If you don’t have hardware, adding hardware will help keep your Tuned-Up cabinets fresh as anything on your hands won’t bother the newly restored wood.

Cabinet painting done in one day

1-2 Days

A great option for someone who is happy with their current cabinet color and is not looking for a dramatic change could be a process that is called cabinet redooring. This simply means your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced with new ones of the same or similar color. If you have a white kitchen but want a new door style, this is a fast and affordable option. Something else to think about when you are ready to make this kind of adjustment to your kitchen would be how the overall functionality of the kitchen works for you. Do you have an unsightly trashcan that you would like hidden in a drawer? How easily accessible are your pots and pans? How messy are your spices? Simple organizers can be installed in your current cabinets and drawers that would make a world of difference. Everyone wishes they had a bigger kitchen, a walk-in pantry, and more storage space. A lot of these wishes can be granted in your current space and budget, if you add a handful of thoughtfully picked out organizers. 

2-3 Days

If you’re looking simply to brighten up your space with a new cabinet color, cabinets can be painted in only a couple of days. If you don’t like what your doors look like currently, just remember that painting them will not solve your problems! Painting an ugly door will leave you with an ugly painted door! 

Cabinet painting done in couple of days

3-5 Days

If you’re looking for a more drastic change, cabinet refacing is a great option without the cost and hassle of bringing in all new cabinets. Like redooring, refacing also keeps construction waste to a minimum because your current cabinet boxes stay in place and new doors and drawer are added, along with new veneer. You can truly create a new kitchen without the new kitchen price tag. Get a new color and style for your kitchen in less than a week. 

Cabinet painting done in three to five days

5 Days or more

This is the timeframe that many people assume a kitchen remodel will take. While a kitchen remodel may take a few weeks or even a month, this timeframe is most often for homeowners seeking custom cabinetry, a new layout, and a very dramatic change to their space.

Custom Cabinets painting done in more than 5 days

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