Get a Grip: Choosing Door and Drawer Hardware

You’ve viewed what seem like dozens of cabinet door and drawer designs. So much to decide: Cool gray on a contemporary, flat door? A traditional raised panel door, in dark wood? Maybe Shaker cabinets, with their goes-with-everything versatility?

Your kitchen’s personality and functionality—for years to come—depend on what you choose, so you’re choosing with care. Apply the same care to choosing cabinet door and…

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Women in Remodeling at Kitchen Tune-Up Port Huron, MI

What an exciting time to be a woman in the remodeling industry!  Changing stereotypes and forging ahead in roles deemed “non-traditional,” women are making great strides to remodel expectations. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report from 2019, 5.4 percent of those employed in the construction industry are women. While that percentage may be small, Kitchen Tune-Up Port Huron, MI is…

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Kitchen Tune-Up’s Top Projects for August 2020

Kitchen Tune-Up turned homeowners’ kitchen dreams into realities with these August National Project of the Month achievements. Owners across the country showed how they upgrade dated, dark kitchens into modern, bright workspaces with the right cabinets, colors and details.

Paul and Kathryn Jost
Denver, CO

The owners kept their cabinets’ original layout and profile, but refaced them in cool indigo blue, accented with simple…

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A Dozen to Ditch: Things You Should Throw Out Today

Get the trash can. It’s tossing time. You already know to start with the obvious, like expired foods, old vitamins and—because it accumulates bacteria—makeup.

But there’s plenty more to ditch, donate, or recycle, including these items:

Linens and towels. Some experts say to discard bed linens every two years or so, but depending on use, you can keep them much longer. Just be sure…

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Design Classic: White Shaker Cabinets For Every Kitchen

The humble-looking cabinet door before you seems plain—and it is. It’s also one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles in recent decades. What makes this quiet, white door the star of kitchens everywhere?

Meet the Shaker cabinet. You’ve seen it on TV design and renovation shows, at kitchen showrooms, and probably in friends’ houses too. Yet these cabinets are so unassuming, you might…

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Kitchen Inspiration: Adaptable, Versatile Slab Doors

This mood board is deceptively simple. The flat door, the basic handle, the solid wall accents. But don’t mistake simple for boring. These elements are the springboard for looks that range from retro to contemporary. Take a closer look.

First, the cabinet door: Slab doors are a single smooth front, without moldings or decorative raised panels. Cabinet frames and hinges don’t show, so…

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Mood Board: Subtle Naturals Work with Cottage Chic or Contemporary Cool

The elements of this subtle mood board keep things natural as they flirt with gray. The silvery tone of the cabinetry emphasizes the texture of the wood grain. Against the light wood, the dark, oil-brushed bronze handle stands out.

For the countertop, this gray-white marbled look adds more pattern but doesn’t overwhelm. The wood accents show how a rich but quiet brown…

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Anchoring Your Kitchen With Serious Color

Navy blue: Its name evokes ships and the sea. But unlike fresh sea-green or light sky-blue, navy’s darker hue doesn’t really call up images of summer vacations. This ocean-deep color is cool and serious—and surprisingly ideal for both contemporary and traditional kitchens.

This navy mood board is a jumping-off point. Pairing the navy cabinets with these woodgrain wall accents in silvery or…

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Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist for Fall

Before you carve a pumpkin for your doorstep or drink that first pumpkin latte, get your home ready for fall. Home maintenance in autumn is really about preparing for winter—you don’t want surprises like a leaking roof or failed furnace. Use this checklist:

Outdoors: Clean Up and Winterize

  • Rake leaves, especially after the trees have dropped the last ones. Leaves left on the…
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    Kitchen Tune-Up Unveils July’s Top Projects

    Kitchen Tune-Up owners showed flair for design this summer, brightening up kitchens across the country with eye-catching colors, textures and materials. Take a look at how these July National Project of the Month winners helped homeowners discover how beautiful and functional their kitchens can be.

    Paul and Kathryn Jost
    Denver, CO

    Unique touches make this project stand out. Ambient lights glow behind glass…

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    9 Cleaning Hacks from Your Pantry

    Toothpaste smeared on the wall. Pillowcases on the ceiling fan. Damage from a wild party? Nope. It’s cleaning day, and the key to fast, cheap cleaning is finding new ways to use what you already have on hand, like these 9 unexpected hacks:

    Polish a steel sink with flour
    Wash and dry your steel sink, dust with flour and buff to a shine.…

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    Kitchen Tune-Up Aberdeen, South Dakota Wins National Customer Service Award

    Congratulations to Lynn and Pat Aman for winning the Customer Service Award for July! Lynn and Pat purchased the Aberdeen franchise from Brad Fiechtner in 2018 and continue to receive outstanding testimonials from their clients! 

    “Installed new doors and drawers on bathroom vanity and closet. Did a great job!”
    - Jeanne O.
    Aberdeen, SD

    “Very timely and easy to work with!”
    -Tom F.

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    Kitchen Inspiration: Clean, Functional and Personal

    Contemporary style is about what’s new, now. Contemporary isn’t just another word for modern. In homes, modern is a specific design movement, while contemporary means “of the moment.” Look for these features in contemporary kitchens:

    Slab doors. No frames show on these “full overlay” cabinets. All you see are smooth slabs of flat doors and drawers. Hardware, like the slim bar-shaped handle shown on…

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    Kitchen Design: Don’t Take Versatile Gray for Granted

    If “gray” makes you think of cloudy skies and dull days, think again. This gray mood board unveils a color so versatile it can accent any surface—wood, metal, glass, stone—-and so varied it can stand on its own, the star of your kitchen.

    Gray’s design secret: This underestimated color can look cool or warm, industrial or natural, sleekly modern or demurely traditional.

    How does plain…

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    Kitchen Inspiration: A Delicious Design

    This delicious kitchen mood encompasses rich, dark browns and lighter neutral blues and greys. Chocolate is one of our favorite kitchen color schemes because of how natural it ends up looking. Brown is a natural wood tone, after all, so while your cabinets will be painted, your kitchen will look incredibly natural—timeless, even.

    Calming colors

    The highlight of this mood board is its…

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