The Official Kitchen Tune-Up Dictionary


Businesses often have their own unique dictionaries, usually with company specific abbreviations or shorthand. What most businesses don’t have though, is an entire array of nouns and verbs that play off their name. At Kitchen Tune-Up, our franchise owners named themselves “Tunies” over three decades ago and even designated new and seasoned franchise owners as “Baby Tunies” and “Tuneasaurases.” Over time, the play on words has grown, and we now present the official Kitchen Tune-Up dictionary!

Tunie \ too•knee \ proper noun : a KTU franchise owner in the business of tunifying homes and remodeling expectations

Tunify \ too•ni•fy \ verb : to make amazing while creating an extraordinary experience for the customer. Also, to remodel expectations by implementing a fast, safe, and fun kitchen remodel or update

Tunification \ too•ni•fa•k•shun \ noun : the process of tunifying

Tuniform \ too•ni•form \ noun : the dress code or outfit worn by a Tunie or Tunifier while representing Kitchen Tune-Up. Is embellished in the distinct Kitchen Tune-Up colors and logo to make Tunifier or Tunie clearly recognizable as a member of the KTU organization.

Homie \ ho•mee \ proper noun : a KTU home office team member focused on supporting the growth and success of Tunies

Baby Tunie \ ba•bee too•knee \ proper noun : a KTU franchise owner in their first year of business who has not yet celebrated their first franniversary or and attended their first KTU Reunion.

Tuneasauras \ too•na•soar•us \ proper noun : a KTU franchisee who has been an owner with Kitchen Tune-Up over ten years.

Tunifier \ too•ni•fi•er \ proper noun : a KTU franchisee employee responsible for the tunification process of of kitchen updates. Is considered an excellent expectation remodeler and focuses on safety, cleanliness and client experience during the tunifying process.

Tuniverse \ too•ni•vers \ proper noun : the KTU franchise family comprised of Tunies, Homies, Tunifiers, and Suppliers spread out across the United States working to provide clients a remodeled expectation when updating and renovating kitchens.

Franiversary \ fran•i•vers•a•ree \ noun : the annual celebration of the date in which a Tunie joined the Tuniverse.

Tunie Mobile \ too•knee mo•beal \ proper noun : a vehicle driven by Tunies and Tunifiers embellished in the distinct Kitchen Tune-Up colors and logo to make it clearly recognizable as a means of transport for remodeled expectations.


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