DIY Cabinet Redooring

If you consider yourself handy and are ready to take on a more challenging do-it-yourself project, our DIY Plus Redooring program may be for you! As with all of our DIY Plus projects, we offer virtual assistance every step of the way, but with redooring comes a lot more moving pieces, and tools, and those with a track record of home project success will probably be better suited to take this on. Redooring is the process of removing your current cabinet doors and drawer front and replacing them with an updated style, preferably in the same color.

The Do-It-Yourself

  • Receive and inspect the order.
  • Gather tools.
  • Prepare the workspace and protect your countertops and flooring.
  • Remove the cabinets doors and drawer fronts.
  • Prepare the cabinet face frames according to specific directions from the local owner. If your new doors are a different color than the old ones, you will need to paint the boxes. (Check with your local franchise to see if they offer this.)
  • Install the new cabinet doors and drawer fronts according to the specific instructions for the local owner.
  • Add the new hardware.
  • Enjoy!

The Plus:

  • Virtual consultation to discuss your project goals and needs as well as pick out your new door and hardware.
  • Virtual measuring consultation where a Kitchen Tune-Up professional walks you through how to measure everything for the new space.
  • We place the order and have it delivered directly to your home.
  • Virtual installation meetings and extremely detailed instructions to help you through the installation process.
  • Varies by location: built-in labor time where a professional installer can come out, once its safe, to help with anything that could not be completed or needs to be fixed.

    How It Works:

    Like all of our DIY Plus programs, it starts off with a virtual consultation to see your kitchen, discuss your project in detail and make product selections. A second video will then be scheduled so our experienced installer can walk you through how to measure your space. Then, we can place your order. Once your order arrives, you inspect the products and gather all the recommended tools from the list. Each local owner may have varying amounts of tools that they will loan to you so check with the local owner on what you need to have to be successful.

    Between the detailed instruction packet, and virtual installation calls, our experienced installers will guide you through the process of removing your old doors and hanging the new ones. This process truly earns the “Plus” name because it is a collaborative effort on both ends.

    Some locations may offer some built-in labor time and will send out an installer, once its safe, to inspect and finish any last items for you. Again, offering vary by location so it’s best to reach out to your local franchise.

    Find a location you today to begin your DIY Plus project with Kitchen Tune-Up.