DIY Cabinet Painting

One common project homeowners try to tackle on their own is cabinet painting, and after 32 years, we know achieving the final product you see on TV is much harder than it looks. With our DIY Plus Cabinet Painting, we are supporting your do-it-yourself goals, but promise the quality and service we always offer to help you complete your project. The PLUS part of DIY Plus means we are going to help you through the entire process.

The Do-It-Yourself

  • Remove all cabinet doors and drawers.
  • Remove hardware and hinges.
  • Leave the doors and drawers outside to be picked up.
  • Paint all outward facing cabinet surfaces with matching paint.
  • When the doors are returned, re-install hinges and new hardware.
  • Re-hang doors and replace drawers.
  • Enjoy!

The Plus:

  • Virtual consultation to determine if cabinet painting is right for your space and to pick out the color and hardware.
  • Cabinet doors and drawers are picked up and taken off site to receive the same premium painting service we always offer.
  • Everything is returned in a timely manner.
  • Virtual guidance on how to paint cabinet boxes and how to properly rehang the painted doors.

How It Works:

Our DIY Plus Cabinet Painting option offers the same quality paint products, only with 100% contactless service. We start with a video consultation to determine if cabinet painting is the right solution for your kitchen. If your cabinets are in poor shape, you’ve previously painted them, you want hinges hidden or you are unhappy with the current door style, means painting is not the right option for you. On the call, we will also help you select the color and new hardware.

Our professionals will then walk you through on how to properly remove the doors and drawer boxes from the kitchen and how to remove the hinges and hardware. You will find a safe place to leave them outside for our team to pick up, either on a porch or in the garage, and when we pickup we will leave some supplies behind for you to start painting the boxes. Each local franchise may differ in the tools and products they provide to you.

The doors are painted off-site using our regular high-quality paint products and procedure. You will spend this time painting all outward facing edges of your cabinet boxes.
We return the painted doors and drawers to you and then have another video call to walk you through how to properly re-install everything.

Now, you can enjoy your new kitchen!

Some franchise locations may offer the option of building in a partial day of labor that can be scheduled when it’s safe to enter your home again. They can help straighten doors, tighten hinges, etc. so that you are happy with your new space!

Find a location near you today to begin your DIY Plus project with Kitchen Tune-Up!


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