Creating a dream kitchen or bath may result in the removal of existing cabinets or cabinet doors and purchasing brand new ones. National kitchen and bath remodeling franchise, Kitchen Tune-Up, provides solutions to reuse cabinets and cabinet doors and keep them out of the landfill.

Repurpose - There may be another space within the home that could use additional storage or organization. If so, give old cabinets a new purpose. Placing cabinets in a different room can change the appearance and give homeowners needed storage in another area of their home. If they do not like the color of the cabinets, they can consider painting them. If they are tired of the doors style, remove the doors to create open storage.

Use cabinets to create a desk or workstation. Thirty-inch high wall cabinets are about the right height and work great with an adjustable office chair or twenty-four inch high barstool. This would be a great idea for a craft area as well.

Donate - If the cabinets are circa 1978 or later, check with local charities to see if they have a need for the cabinets. Difficulties will arise with cabinets older than 1978, as they may contain lead paint and EPA standards for handing these items has changed.

Check with different charities to see if they have a use for the cabinets in their own facilities or know of a family in need. Old cabinets to you may be new cabinets to someone else in need that doesn’t have a budget that allows for all “new” cabinets.

Crafts - Old doors and drawer fronts can easily be used to create trays, wall hangings, or even poster frames. The creative homeowner may come up with numerous ways to reuse and create beautiful, unique crafts.


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