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Wood Care Tips - Easy ways to keep your kitchen, bathroom, and other wood surfaces looking shiny and new long after the remodeling is over

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  • “After a decade of use and abuse, the cabinet in our house were getting to be in pretty bad shape. Various dings and scratches were showing all of the house. While attending the Scottsdale Home Show, we stopped at the Kitchen Tune-Up booth an made an appointment. We were blown away by their level of professionalism, courtesy, and hard work. We can honestly say that we love the results. Right before our eyes they seemed to magically erase 10 years of wear and tear. The sticky residue of gunk above the stove – which we had tried everything to remove – is completely gone now. We received excellent service and a wonderful value. If you have cabinetry that is looking rough, we strongly recommend that you contact Kitchen Tune-Up.”
    - Chip and Carol B (Phoenix, AZ)
  • Technicians were wonderful. Very nice, great work!
    - Steven L (Yorktown, VA)
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