What About Your Drawers?

If you’ve been considering a kitchen or bathroom update, you probably haven’t put a lot of thought into your drawers. Here are some ways to take full advantage of your drawer space and get creative with organization solutions.

  • Upgrade to full extension drawer slides. It’s a quick change that gives you access to the back of the drawer. No more reaching blindly for the stuff in the back, as these extensions will let the drawer come all the way out to the counter. If you have old or worn drawers that bind and stick when using them, new drawer slides are a quick and affordable fix.
  • Another great addition is the soft close option. When sliding the drawers shut, they don’t slam against the cabinet frame. Full extension soft close slides also are rated for more storage weight (usually up to 75 pounds).
  • Add a built-in cutlery divider or utensil organizer. These gadgets aren’t new, but there are loads of options to de-clutter your drawers and make kitchen items easier to find. 
  • Add a spice rack. Keeping spices and herbs in a cool, dark spot can help keep them fresher, versus having them in a cabinet above the range. Putting them in a drawer will still keep them handy when cooking.
  • Pegs are great for drawers and can be adjusted to hold pots and pans, lids and even dishes in place. Large drawers can hold a lot of weight, and putting serving wear in drawers can make it easy to access dishes instead of reaching them down from a shelf.
  • If you’re updating a small kitchen, don’t forget about valuable space below your base cabinets. Although it’s only a few inches high, a small toe kick drawer can be the perfect spot to store linens, baking sheets and trays.

Whether you kitchen or bath needs a quick Tune-Up or a more extensive update, ask your local Kitchen Tune-Up franchise about unique options for your cabinet drawers. Browse ideas and get inspired on our Pinterest boards. Follow us at http://pinterest.com/ktuofficial.