Union Church of Hinsdale Gets a Tune-Up

The Union Church of Hinsdale in Chicago’s Western Suburbs recently got a Tune-Up.  The interior woodwork in the Sanctuary received an update with a service provided by Kitchen Tune-Up. “We were very excited to get new carpeting throughout the church, but after it was installed we realized how worn out and scuffed all of the woodwork looked,” said Union Church Chairman of Hospitality & Interiors Mary Sue Honigschmidt.  “The dark wood pews had worn areas and loads of nicks, and also deep scratches along the floor.”  Parishioner Marty Ceranec took notice as well. Marty is a local Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owner who has been updating kitchens and bathrooms in the area since 1994.

“One of our core services is our wood restoration Tune-Up,” Marty said.  “For homeowners who are looking to rejuvenate their wood cabinetry, this process is how we accomplish that. The service is also great for any other interior woodwork, so I let the committee know that I had a way to help.”  Training was given to a group of willing volunteers, and the church was Tuned-Up in record time. “Our church is over 125 years old, and the woodwork now looks awesome,” said Mary Sue.  “Thanks to Marty’s donation of the Tune-Up service, we saved a lot of money.  The repaired woodwork now compliments the fresh carpeting and makes a huge difference.”

Local owner Marty Ceranec offers free in-home consultations to review how Kitchen Tune-Up services including wood restoration, cabinet redooring, refacing, and new cabinets can meet customers’ needs and budgets. He can be reached at 630.985.0858.  View project photos and learn more at kitchentuneup.com/downers-grove-il.  Learn more about the Union Church of Hinsdale at uchinsdale.org.

Marty Ceranec - Kitchen Tune-Up