Pheasant Hunting Season in South Dakota

Rooster!  Pheasant season opens for out-of-state hunters this Saturday.  It’s a very busy time of year for our state as thousands of hunters from all over the world start arriving.  Several Kitchen Tune-Up franchise owners from across the country make annual trips to the Aberdeen area for pheasant hunting.

The Home Office has several team members who are rooster crazy.  Jeff and Eric are excited to get into the fields. Jessica and her husband, Josh, help out at a hunting lodge and welcome guests near Hecla.  Jill’s family hosts hunters at their farm near Doland, and Sarah’s husband, Scott, and their dog wouldn’t miss it. It’s a time of year when family and friends gather.  No matter if the bird counts are up or down, there are always great memories made and lots of stories to be told. Check out our album of photos on our Facebook page, Kitchen Tune-Up Official.