Now Offering DIY Closets

Closets can be so much more than the room you hastily throw all your shoes and coats into to make it look like you’ve cleaned. You may think your closet is too cramped to ever truly be organized, but really all you need is the right tools!

At Kitchen Tune-up, we have the perfect cabinet accessory or cabinet organizer to pair with your closet, whether it’s a walk-in, a reach-in or even a pantry! Spring is the season for getting organized, and now you can do so without ever having to step foot in a hardware store.

That’s right, DIY Plus offers closet makeovers, too! We’re here to help people get their closets in order in an efficient, fun and contact-free way.

We offer plenty of DIY options for your closet that you can get done in a timely manner, so don’t worry about the contents of your closet cluttering up the hallway all week. You’ll get to pick exactly what accessories you want for your closet and then we’ll ship the supplies straight to your door.

Curious where to start?

We’ve got an extensive Closet Design Catalog for you to look through. With DIY Plus, you’ll also get to kick off the project with a virtual phone consultation with our talented Kitchen Tune-Up team. Together we’ll guide you through the selection process until you’ve found the closet additions that will work perfectly for your home.

What if I get stuck?

DIY projects can be really rewarding, but they’re not without their snags. Fortunately, with DIY Plus, we’ll be available to you every step of the way. We ship a detailed guide and instructions along with your closet system, and if anything goes awry, we’re just a phone call away to help sort it out.

DIY Plus for every occasion

When you’ve conquered your closet makeover, consider crossing another home improvement project off your list with one of our other DIY offerings:

Visit our website to find the location nearest to you and get started today!