Now Offering DIY Cabinet Painting

Get ready to transform your kitchen! With our DIY Plus program you can give your kitchen the sprucing up it deserves without having to leave home. DIY Plus Cabinet Painting is a 100% contactless process where our team of Kitchen Tune-Up experts helps you get a stellar look from your cabinet painting project.

Repainting your kitchen cabinets is the perfect “Spring Cleaning” home improvement task. With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, brightening up your kitchen with a shiny new color palette will definitely help you shake off the winter blues. And your home improvement plans don’t have to be put on hold just because you’re staying home right now. DIY Plus offers all the benefits of a do-it-yourself project while still guaranteeing you professional results.

What you do

First, you’ll pick your colors. Our Kitchen Tune-Up team will give you a call to take a virtual look at your kitchen. We’ll help you make sure painting is the right option for you and help you select your colors.

Then you’ll remove your cabinet doors (don’t worry, we’ll be there to help you through that process, as well).

What we do

We take care of your cabinet doors! After removing them from your cabinets, we will arrange to pick them up. When we pick up the doors, we’ll leave you all the supplies you’ll need to paint your cabinets. We’ll paint the doors using the same premium painting procedure we always use and return them to you promptly.

Then it’s just one more video call from us to walk you through reinstalling your doors and you’ll be all done!

What else DIY Plus offers

DIY Plus doesn’t stop with painting your cabinets. There’s a whole host of home projects we’re ready to help you kick off. From the kitchen to the garage and even closets, we’ve got your springtime home renovations covered.

Visit to find the location nearest to you to get started. You can also check out our project gallery for an idea of what your repainted kitchen is going to look like.