Now Offering DIY Cabinet Accessories & Organizers

Clutter holding you back? Cooking can seem a lot less fun when removing a vital utensil from a cupboard puts you at risk of a dish avalanche. At first glance you may think you don’t have the cabinet space, but you probably do!

Many people just aren’t using the space they do have in their kitchens efficiently. That’s why we provide more than just cupboards at Kitchen Tune-up, we’ve got accessories and organizers to help you bring out the best in a kitchen of any size.

DIY Plus: Accessories and Organizers

Spring is the perfect time of year to start reorganizing your kitchen. It’s Spring Cleaning time, after all! But in the current climate, trips to the hardware store or consultations for home improvement projects aren’t really viable. That’s why we’ve come up with DIY Plus, the perfect way to marry the convenience of DIY projects with the results of a professional job.

Not sure what accessories will be the most beneficial to your home? DIY Plus comes with a virtual consultation, so you can get the opinion of a professional.

We ship everything to your door

DIY Plus lets you complete home projects in a completely no-contact way. Simply choose the exact roll out tray or double cutlery organizer that you want and let us ship them directly to you! No last minute trips to the hardware store for missing parts, and no hassle!

Enjoy the knowledge of our remodeling team

So what sets DIY Plus apart from just purchasing a kitchen accessory kit online? With DIY Plus you get the full support of the Kitchen Tune-Up team. We’re here to help you every step of the way, whether that means walking you through the process step by step or just being on standby to field any questions.

Eager to start on more in-depth home projects? Check out the other options our DIY Plus program has to offer.

You can also visit to see our DIY Plus program in action and find a location near you. We’re all spending a lot of time in our homes right now, let us help you make the most of this opportunity by really making your kitchen shine.