Kitchens Around the World

Kitchens are often the center of the home in America. Families come together and eat and bond in the kitchen, gatherings center around food which flows through the kitchen. Kitchens throughout the world have varying styles and designs adapted to the culture of that country.

In Japan many apartments are very small. As such many try to save space by having a small stove. This stove is often portable and hooked to a gas line. With this small stove an oven big enough to fit a fish is often included but a full size oven is rare.

Many European countries are looking to save space in the house and as such end up putting a small clothes washing machine in their kitchen. Most European countries don’t have a dryer in their house and putting the washing machine in the kitchen allows them to have small houses.

American kitchens are often the centerpiece of a home. Much of our daily life including preparing and enjoying meals, homework, entertaining, and more happens in the kitchen. American kitchens are often quite large compared to the rest of the world. Most have a table to eat at in addition to prep space and ample storage.

Indian kitchens often have a G shaped counter to eat at. The living room is often right off of the kitchen and the G shaped counter separates these two rooms. This layout allows for a very open concept and the ability to entertain an enjoy food from the kitchen at the same time.

Korea is unique in the fact they typically have a fridge somewhere in the kitchen dedicated to Kimchi. Usually this fridge sits near the end of the kitchen or cabinetry.

In China woks are a common to cook with. Woks and many other dishes often give off massive amounts of steam and large hoods are a necessity to help ventilate the area. Most stoves are usually gas instead of electric.

In Brazil many kitchens have portable countertop appliances. Typically when people move in Brazil they take their appliances with them. Many kitchens don’t have dishwashers or ovens.

Many kitchens in Australia are similar to those in America. The biggest difference is kitchens in Australia have large windows to let in the light and to take in the beautiful scenery so present there.

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