How to Find Gifts for the People in Your Life That Are Downsizing

Minimizing, decluttering and downsizing are all popular terms we continue to hear, and many of us are doing our best to practice.  But then this time of year hits, the gift-giving season starts, and we get pulled into the consumeristic ways once again.  Before you buy something to add to a loved ones clutter (who really needs another scented candle?) have you thought about gifting a service or experience to someone this year?

We all know that the kitchen is the one area of the house that is well-used and many times needs updating. A gift certificate could including our simple Tune-Up (to keep wood cabinets looking new) or maybe gifting a new door style or even new cabinets. Depending on your budget and who you are buying the gift for, you can determine if you want to buy a gift certificate or gift a full project (that would be super generous).

Keep in mind that gift certificates are practical. Some of our loved ones really want or need to update their space, but don’t take the time to budget for their own wish list. If they received a gift certificate, they may be thrilled to start planning changes they’ve had in mind for a while. The gift certificate can be bought in any increment and it is popular to give this to parents (all the kids chip in).  Another person that may love this gift is a spouse.  Of course, many people you know may be considering a kitchen update.  Now you have done some of the homework for them by finding a company that you feel would be a good fit and giving them a gift certificate for that company. 

The kitchen is a favorite place for many, but many home cooks already have all the tools they need. If you have a friend or family member that loves to cook, chances are they already have all of the cookbooks, utensils, towels, and mixing bowls they need. Kitchen Tune-Up gift certificates can be used toward a project to upgrade or update their cabinetry, or to get a new organizer or kitchen cabinet accessory.  Spice racks, roll-out trays, Lazy Susans, trash pull-out, and more can easily be added as part of a larger project, or added as a quick change.

Many of us don’t need more “stuff.”  It’s common for busy households to work continually on de-cluttering. Many families are shifting their mindset to “experience over things.”  New clothing, accessories, and trinkets can be quickly forgotten after the excitement of the holidays.  However gift certificates for things a family can experience or enjoy together can be more meaningful. Other ideas outside of the kitchen include gift certificates to see a play or attend a concert together, or tickets to a movie or event.

The kitchen is place that many families gather, so a gift certificate toward an update will be appreciated for many years to come.  Purchasing a gift certificate for a service such as wood restoration, cabinet refacing, yard maintenance, or window cleaning may not seem as glamorous as a bright shiny electronic to open, but can be a be treat and something the recipient would not have purchased for themselves.

From our franchise family to yours, we wish everyone a great holiday season ahead!