The Customer is Always Right: A Glowing Review of Kitchen Tune-Up Coral Gables-Miami

Nothing drives improvement like customer feedback. At Kitchen Tune-Up, we make it a practice to seek out feedback from each customer after the completion of our project. We’ve certainly read through many comment cards over the years. This little practice identifies what we’re doing right and helps us craft even better experiences for our customers.

Karin Motoki, who owns Kitchen Tune-Up…

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Top Projects of March Announced by Kitchen Tune-Up

We are excited to announce the March Project of the Month Winners! Kitchen Tune-Up franchises submit their project photos of their 1-5 day kitchen updates, which are then selected by the Home Office team based on the most stunning transformations to be awarded. Our March award winning franchises comprise of locations across the U.S., including Arizona, Virginia, North Carolina, Kansas,…

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Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Is Spring Cleaning a yearly ritual in your home? Be honest, we’ve all put it off at least once. But this year, Kitchen Tune-Up is leading the charge to see that everyone’s kitchen gets a spring refresh.

With things so uncertain and scary right now, we’ve decided to merge our two greatest passions, kitchens and community, together for a chance to…

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Kitchen Inspiration: Moody Blues

The sky’s the limit when designing for a new kitchen. Whether you go bright and colorful or calm and muted, there are endless options to choose from. In fact, we’ve got a whole catalog put together that can show you just how many options you have.

But starting with the catalog might be a bit overwhelming if you haven’t thought through just…

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Kitchen Inspiration: Enter “Greige”

There are so many ways to design a kitchen. At Kitchen Tune-Up, we’ve got a comprehensive catalog practically bursting with colors for every occasion and materials for every look you could possibly want to create. But all that choice can be a bit much if you don’t know where to start.

That’s where mood boards can come in and help! By…

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Kitchen Inspiration: Vintage Vibes

When it’s time to give your kitchen a refresh, you have more options today than ever before. At Kitchen Tune-Up, we’ve got a comprehensive catalog bursting with colors for every occasion and materials for every look you could possibly want to create. But all that choice can be overwhelming if you haven’t narrowed down your options first.

A mood board can be a…

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Kitchen Inspiration: Modern Kitchen Designs

Sometimes big changes can be a bit challenging. You know it’s time for a change, and you know you want your old cabinetry out, but do you know what you want to replace it? At Kitchen Tune-Up, we’ve got a comprehensive catalog bursting with colors for every occasion and materials for every look you could possibly want to create. But first…

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Storage Solutions - How to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

Have you often found yourself tripping over items laid out on the garage floor while you look for that power tool? How about digging around appliances in a desperate search for just a smidge of kitchen counter space?

Well it turns out you’re not alone. For the last three years, Home Innovation Research Labs has been conducting detailed surveys about just how…

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Creating a Kosher Kitchen

For those who observe kosher food restrictions, the average kitchen can prove problematic. In a kosher kitchen, there must be separate spaces and utensils for meat and dairy products. This means separate spaces for prep, cooking and cleanup.

Requirements of a kosher kitchen

No kitchen is too big or too small to be made kosher. There can be some hiccups along…

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New Year, New Organization Goals

A new decade is upon us. Think about making 2020 the year you check your vision on having your spaces decluttered and organized. Set yourself up for success in this new decade with organization upgrades in your kitchen to make your life easier and suit your busy lifestyle. It’s time to have a more clutter-free experience when you are in your…

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Is Refacing the Right Option For My Kitchen?

Whether you’ve heard the term “refacing” before or not, this is an important option to consider when you are looking into updating your kitchen. Refacing allows you to keep your current cabinet boxes in place, while replacing the doors and drawer fronts with brand new ones. A matching veneer, which is a very thin wood, is placed on all exposed areas, such…

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Kitchen Tune-Up Announces October 2019 Project of the Month Award Winners

Each month Kitchen Tune-Up franchises submit project photos of their 1-5 day kitchen updates. The Home Office team selects the most remarkable transformations to be awarded as our National Project of the Month winners. Take a look at the top projects for the month of October! Winning projects feature services completed in Tennessee, Nebraska, New York, Indiana, Texas, and Ohio:


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