Put Summer Away So Winter Can Play

That invigorating chill in the air is your signal that it’s time to put away summer gear and haul out the boots and gloves. These tips will help you cut seasonal clutter and prep for the first snow.

Store summer stuff before winter hits.

Sports equipment. Can it hang on the wall in a garage or basement? Cabinets and pegboards are great organizational…

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The Official Kitchen Tune-Up Dictionary

Businesses often have their own unique dictionaries, usually with company specific abbreviations or shorthand. What most businesses don’t have though, is an entire array of nouns and verbs that play off their name. At Kitchen Tune-Up, our franchise owners named themselves “Tunies” over three decades ago and even designated new and seasoned franchise owners as “Baby Tunies” and “Tuneasaurases.” Over time, the play on…

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October is Kitchen & Bath Month!

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month and has been since the National Kitchen & Bath Association created it in 1982.

Why did they pick October? Because the summer months are officially behind us and the holidays are just around the corner and homeowners are eager to spruce up their home in preparation for extended houseguests and hosting holiday celebrations.

Are you ready to…

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How to Clean Kitchen Surfaces

Fingerprints on the steel fridge. That gooey smear on the granite countertop. Can you clean both messes the same way? You need to know the right cleanser for the surface or you risk damaging your kitchen’s looks and functionality. Check out these do-it-yourself cleaning tips for different surfaces. 

Stainless Steel

To clean a steel fridge, dishwasher, range, vent hood, or oven exterior,…

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Mid-century Modern Kitchen Style: Colorful, Practical, Proven

Do you want a functional, unfussy kitchen with a style that has staying power? Consider mid-century modern. This simple but distinctive style has been around for decades, yet still looks fresh. You “know it when you see it,” even if you’ve never heard it named.

Defining Mid-century Modern in the Kitchen

Mid-century modern is more than just “the 1960s look.” The style takes elements…

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Get a Grip: Choosing Door and Drawer Hardware

You’ve viewed what seem like dozens of cabinet door and drawer designs. So much to decide: Cool gray on a contemporary, flat door? A traditional raised panel door, in dark wood? Maybe Shaker cabinets, with their goes-with-everything versatility?

Your kitchen’s personality and functionality—for years to come—depend on what you choose, so you’re choosing with care. Apply the same care to choosing cabinet door and…

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A Dozen to Ditch: Things You Should Throw Out Today

Get the trash can. It’s tossing time. You already know to start with the obvious, like expired foods, old vitamins and—because it accumulates bacteria—makeup.

But there’s plenty more to ditch, donate, or recycle, including these items:

Linens and towels. Some experts say to discard bed linens every two years or so, but depending on use, you can keep them much longer. Just be sure…

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9 Cleaning Hacks from Your Pantry

Toothpaste smeared on the wall. Pillowcases on the ceiling fan. Damage from a wild party? Nope. It’s cleaning day, and the key to fast, cheap cleaning is finding new ways to use what you already have on hand, like these 9 unexpected hacks:

Polish a steel sink with flour
Wash and dry your steel sink, dust with flour and buff to a shine.…

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4 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

The kitchen is the centerpiece of every home. As centuries of kitchen design trends have gone by, we’ve seen a fair bit of eye-raising design choices (installing a work desk in the kitchen was a real trend that happened).

Yet some design trends have never left us. There are kitchen designs that stand the test of time, regularly topping each year’s…

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6 Great Kitchen Styles - Which One Says You?

What’s your preferred style of kitchen? Is it something rustic? Something traditional? A transitional design, perhaps?

If you’re feeling kind of lost looking for the answer, don’t despair! Kitchen styles are incredibly hard to accurately describe without seeing one in front of you. Odds are you’ve seen kitchens you loved and kitchens you hated, but you may be hard pressed to say why—or…

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Creating the Perfect Home Office

With an unprecedented number of hard-working employees across the country making the switch to remote work, new challenges have been popping up like weeds. Namely, how do you make sure your new “home office” is just as comfortable and productive as your regular one?

If you’re trying to work from home without a dedicated workspace, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Bringing your…

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Why Comparing Kitchen Cabinet Prices Costs You More

Sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? After all, taking the time to compare product prices is usually a very smart move on the part of any consumer. However, when it comes to your kitchen cabinets, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

This isn’t to say you should immediately jump onboard with the first remodeling company you find, with no comparisons at…

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