Classic Neutral: Black Matte Appliances


Black matte finishes are everywhere—on fridges, ranges, dishwashers, vent hoods. Black might sound like a heavy color choice for a kitchen, but it’s versatile: This is the “little black dress” look for appliances. Classic, simple, and goes with everything.

Why is a black matte finish worth a look when you upgrade your kitchen? It’s readily available, extremely easy to clean, and a style star that’s as beautiful in a traditional kitchen as it is in a contemporary one.

Appliance manufacturers are eager to give you plenty of black matte choices, too. In 2017, KitchenAid debuted 54 appliances, large and small, all in black matte stainless steel. Three years on, the trend remains strong.

Steely Toughness, Easy Maintenance

What’s under the dark finish? Their surfaces actually are the same durable stainless steel you already see in kitchens in its familiar, silvery form. The difference is a black polymer coating.

The coating also protects the steel and resists smudges and streaks better than regular, uncoated stainless steel. Regular stainless steel appliances can require chemical cleaners that matte black doesn’t need. The flat, matte look is popular but also comes with a bonus: Matte finishes (on black or any color) show less grime and need less cleaning than glossy finishes.

If you’re still not sure about committing to a full suite of black appliances, consider picking one key piece in this color. The refrigerator is a great candidate. Everyone checks out what’s in the fridge all day long, and that makes its doors some of the most touched surfaces in the house. Black matte’s resistance to fingerprints is an ideal fit for a fridge.

Versatile in Any Style

Stainless steel remains a classic. But it can create a cold, commercial-kitchen look that might not work for every taste. Black sets a warmer tone than metallic steel, and fits seamlessly into a variety of kitchens without overwhelming any one style.

Black appliances, like that famous black dress, don’t look dated. Color trends ebb and flow, and black fits almost any color scheme without overwhelming other colors. Black matte also is an easy middle ground between the all-white kitchens that have been so popular for decades, and the color-filled kitchens now taking over as the latest thing. Black matte appliances work in either color scheme, and their neutral look fits with wooden cabinets or floors too.

To visualize how black matte appliances might work in your kitchen, consult with a local Kitchen Tune-Up specialist today.

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