Kitchen Inspiration: Clean, Functional and Personal

Contemporary style is about what’s new, now. Contemporary isn’t just another word for modern. In homes, modern is a specific design movement, while contemporary means “of the moment.” Look for these features in contemporary kitchens:

Slab doors. No frames show on these “full overlay” cabinets. All you see are smooth slabs of flat doors and drawers. Hardware, like the slim bar-shaped handle shown on…

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Kitchen Design: Don’t Take Versatile Gray for Granted

If “gray” makes you think of cloudy skies and dull days, think again. This gray mood board unveils a color so versatile it can accent any surface—wood, metal, glass, stone—-and so varied it can stand on its own, the star of your kitchen.

Gray’s design secret: This underestimated color can look cool or warm, industrial or natural, sleekly modern or demurely traditional.

How does plain…

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Kitchen Inspiration: A Delicious Design

This delicious kitchen mood encompasses rich, dark browns and lighter neutral blues and greys. Chocolate is one of our favorite kitchen color schemes because of how natural it ends up looking. Brown is a natural wood tone, after all, so while your cabinets will be painted, your kitchen will look incredibly natural—timeless, even.

Calming colors

The highlight of this mood board is its…

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Kitchen Inspiration: Some “Sage” Advice

Green has never been a very common kitchen choice since bright greens can look tacky and dark greens can be so, well, dark. But sage is the ultimate exception. This mellow shade of green has just enough hints of blue and grey to mellow it out, making sage not just a fun accent color, but also a good main color…

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4 Kitchen Design Trends That Are Here To Stay

The kitchen is the centerpiece of every home. As centuries of kitchen design trends have gone by, we’ve seen a fair bit of eye-raising design choices (installing a work desk in the kitchen was a real trend that happened).

Yet some design trends have never left us. There are kitchen designs that stand the test of time, regularly topping each year’s…

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Top Projects of June Announced by Kitchen Tune-Up

Another summer is well under way! With June tucked safely behind us, we can now look back at Kitchen Tune-Up’s most celebration-worthy accomplishments from the past month. Our teams strive to make every kitchen job a once-in-a-lifetime makeover, but after much deliberation, we were finally able to pick out the June National Project of the Month winners!

Ryan and Alex Bennet, Rogers,…

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Kitchen Tune-Up Stevens Point, WI Wins National Customer Service Award

Congratulations Bobby & Ashley Kuhns for winning the Customer Service Award for June! They joined our franchise family in 2018 and have proved they are “award winning” Tunies! They consistently adhere to the Trustpoints, which result in outstanding testimonials from their clients! 

“Brad & Bobby were very professional, detail-oriented and accommodating. The finished product exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend!”

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6 Great Kitchen Styles - Which One Says You?

What’s your preferred style of kitchen? Is it something rustic? Something traditional? A transitional design, perhaps?

If you’re feeling kind of lost looking for the answer, don’t despair! Kitchen styles are incredibly hard to accurately describe without seeing one in front of you. Odds are you’ve seen kitchens you loved and kitchens you hated, but you may be hard pressed to say why—or…

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Kitchen Tune-Up now offering new options for backsplash and wall accents

At Kitchen Tune-Up, we’re here to take care of your whole kitchen, even when things get a little messy. Sooner or later the sauces are going to go flying, and you want to make sure your kitchen walls not only resist stains but look great while doing so. That’s why we’re proud to announce we’ve got a new inventory of fancy yet…

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Kitchen Tune-Up Castle Rock CO Wins National Customer Service Award

Congratulations Joel & Jessica for winning the Customer Service Award for May! They joined our franchise family in 2018 and have have proved they are “award winning” Tunies! They consistently adhere to the Trustpoints, which result in outstanding testimonials from their clients! 

“Easy and seamless!  Wonderful!  My kitchen looks great!”
- Lee D. – Castle Rock, CO

“We couldn’t be happier with our project!  The team worked…

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Top Projects of May Announced by Kitchen Tune-Up

We are excited to announce the April Project of the Month Winners! Kitchen Tune-Up franchises submit their project photos of their 1-5 day kitchen updates, which are then selected by the Home Office team based on the most stunning transformations to be awarded. Our April award winning franchises comprise of locations across the U.S., including Colorado, Ohio, Massachusetts, Nebraska and…

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The Customer is Always Right: A Glowing Review of Kitchen Tune-Up Coral Gables-Miami

Nothing drives improvement like customer feedback. At Kitchen Tune-Up, we make it a practice to seek out feedback from each customer after the completion of our project. We’ve certainly read through many comment cards over the years. This little practice identifies what we’re doing right and helps us craft even better experiences for our customers.

Karin Motoki, who owns Kitchen Tune-Up…

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Creating the Perfect Home Office

With an unprecedented number of hard-working employees across the country making the switch to remote work, new challenges have been popping up like weeds. Namely, how do you make sure your new “home office” is just as comfortable and productive as your regular one?

If you’re trying to work from home without a dedicated workspace, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Bringing your…

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Why Comparing Kitchen Cabinet Prices Costs You More

Sounds counterproductive, doesn’t it? After all, taking the time to compare product prices is usually a very smart move on the part of any consumer. However, when it comes to your kitchen cabinets, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

This isn’t to say you should immediately jump onboard with the first remodeling company you find, with no comparisons at…

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Financing Your Home Improvement Projects Without a HELOC From Your Bank

HELOCs, or Home Equity Lines of Credit, are a handy tool in a homeowner’s belt. With a HELOC, you can borrow against your accrued equity to access the money necessary for home repairs and other large expenses. It can sometimes be a risky venture to borrow against your home like this, but after weighing the pros and cons, many homeowners opt…

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