DIY Accessories and Organizers

As you spend more time at home and in your kitchen, you may have started to notice how unfunctional your space actually is! At Kitchen Tune-Up we provide solutions for your kitchen cabinets, including the inside of them. We have a large variety of organizers and accessories to choose from that will allow your spring cleaning efforts to really shine, and make cooking fun again! With our DIY Plus program, we help you select what will fit your needs and virtually support you every step of the way.

The Do-It-Yourself

  • Choose the organizers and accessories you want.
  • Wait for the order to arrive.
  • Install.
  • Enjoy!

The Plus:

  • Virtual consultation to discuss your project goals and needs as well as pick out the organizers and accessories you want.
  • Virtual video call to walk you through measuring the space.
  • We place the order for you and have it delivered directly to your house.
  • Virtual installation support and instructions.

How It Works:

We will start off with a virtual consultation to discuss your needs, see your space, and help you select organizers and accessories to make your kitchen cabinets functional and accessible. We can show you our best sellers and unique solutions for all your organization woes.

Depending on what you need, we may need to have another virtual consultation to measure some of your cabinets. We will walk you through each measurement we need. We then place the order and have everything shipped directly to you.

Finally, we will provide virtual installation support and well as instructions so it is a smooth and pain-free process.

Find a location near you today to begin your DIY Plus project with Kitchen Tune-Up!